Saturday, March 6, 2010

Jet lagged Ginger

Well, that's what it feels like. Day is night. Breakfast was (practically) a midnight snack and lunch was breakfast. H and I woke up at 3 am this morning (we left at 4:32) so I could part with a pint of blood for the co culture biopsy. I am still probably a good week or so away from that pleasant event but I'll take TheCity on a Sat. over a weekday anytime. (Thanks for the tip, C!)

Having blood drawn doesn't bother me. What does bother me is the massive ordeal that is morning monitoring. (7-9 am at most clinics) It's organized...don't get me wrong. I even got my very own swipe card so I can check myself in without having to talk to anyone. I'll screw it up somehow and end up sitting there at 11 am someday thinking "they are about to come get me anytime". It's so huge and you can barely hear it when they call your name. We sat about 1/2 a football field away from the door where the nurse calls you. I had to strain my ears to listen for my name. Loud people (IN THE MORNING!) did nothing to help my ear strain. Neither did the couple who brought the 4 year old with the "loudest talking toy I have ever heard". The damn thing went off whenever a name was called...I kid you not. It was one of those smart toys. I can totally appreciate the need for people with kids to bring them to monitoring. I am cool with that but maybe they could have brought a quieter toy? H finally heard my name (not me...thank you talking piece of crap toy) and the ordeal was over in a matter of minutes.

My 1st trip to Manhattan since my 1st consult with Dr. D was not without it's little annoyances.....The garage we wanted to use was closed. Next stop was a garage that takes only cash. people still carry cash? If you try to mug me, the only thing you are going to get is a whole lottta plastic and a boatload of Purell and maybe an eyeglass cleaning cloth (because I deplore fingerprints on my phone or any piece of electronic equipment so I stash them everywhere).Being there always reminds me of why I quit city living(another East Coast city, not NY). Everything takes soooooo much longer. At least Bernie Wagenblast (giggle, snort... H and I crack up every time we hear his name for some reason) had good news traffic delays !(He does a traffic report for 1010 Wins for those not in NY)

We ended up leaving the car with the valet at the hospital. No big deal. $17 and 33 minutes later...(or $.52 per minute if you are calculating)we hopped back in the car and headed home. 7 hours round trip including a stop at the local Italian bakery for bread and breakfast/lunch (sandwiches: roasted red pepper with a slice of fontinella for me, muffaletta for H) and the cash only meat market for some lunch meat for H. We were home at 11:34.

The rest of the day was a blur. We went right to bed after lunch and woke up around 3. H headed to the gym...I headed to my basement gym to workout and catch up with the Real Housewives of NYC. It is going to be an explosive season. Can't wait! I seem to remember cycling during their stint on Bravo last year. By the time the Jersey Housewives wrapped up, I had miscarried. Hopefully, I can get pg and deliver sometime around the OC season 6 premiere! Ugh, between the drive to Manhattan and the Real Housewives I have had enough NYC for 1 day.

We are staying in tonight. I picked up a copy of 2012 and I am going to watch the world get destroyed.

Thanks for reading!

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