Tuesday, March 16, 2010

I've been CC'd.

Today was the big day. Well, the 1st of many for the next month or so. CC=co cultured. (actually cc=co culture.... I turned it into a verb on my own.) I'll get to that pleasant (insert eye roll) experience but let me tell you about my day 1st.

It began at 3 am. That's when my alarm went off...all so we could be out the door by 5am. I'm a little high maintenance. I needed a shower and some coffee and a little time to wake up before getting in the car. H too. We're a good match there. I thought we would be safe if we left at 5 since we didn't really need to be at Cornell until 9:30. Turns out that 4 1/2 hours was more than sufficient. Traffic was not unbearable for once. We arrived with 52 minutes to spare (68 minutes if you take into account that the IVF teach class started 16 minutes late.)

I am glad we took the class. I did learn a few things (regarding the clinic...NOT IVF. I know enough about IVF.) I was given my calendar, and we met my nurse who is absolutely adorable! She looks so young but she really seems to know her job and I feel like I am in good hands. We did escape the injection portion of the class and by the time we finished meeting with J, we still had over an hour to kill. Luckily, it was a beautiful day in Manhattan so we took a little stroll. This is where I *believe* I experienced a sign. Surprise, surprise! I secretly long for twins. Maybe it's crazy but I won't be able to do IVF again if I do get pg. I am simply running out of time due to my age. (39) So, 2 would be nice. I was thinking about this and 2 nannies walking 2 sets of twins (1 set each)appeared out of nowhere. Maybe that means it will work this time and maybe I will have twins. Hmmm.....hopefully, they weren't quads. H would freak.

The biopsy was scheduled for noon. The RE doing the biopsy was pretty smooth. He also brought a friend. (What is this a threesome?) He started by checking my lining with the vag cam. Piece of cake. BTDT-a lot. Then he did my sounding (trial transfer). No biggie. REs love doing my transfers. My vag is very easy. I said my vag is easy....not me. So, I had a false sense of security by the time the scraper entered my ute. Like I said...Dr. S was pretty smooth...he made some small talk...told my vag some jokes....but then......enter "the tool". Holy hell...it hurt! Not only did it feel like my uterus went 10 rounds with Mike Tyson, but my ummm... ***TMI alert*** rectal area also experienced some major discomfort. I usually have a pretty high tolerance for pain (thanks to years of Crohn's related rectal abscesses) I was not expecting that level of pain, though. I nearly jumped off the table onto the REs lap. I think it took 10 seconds but it felt like hours. My uterus, she weeps. She is fine now, actually. I've had 2 naps since then (1 hour in the car and 1 hour with my heating pad on the bed when I got home.)

So, we're back home and all is well. I have only 1 worry. There was a little incident on the way home.....We stopped at a rest area and I was the victim of a spontaneously flushing toilet. The attack occured at the Plattekill rest stop along the NYS Thruway. I told H that I was afraid that the germs that were probably flushed up me would infect my ute wound. Yup. I am the germaphobe that thinks like this. He just laughed and shook his head so I guess I am ok. Grossed out but ok.

I start my estrogen patches tomorrow and Flo should be here in a few days. My nurse said I may need to be in the city again on Sunday for Day 2 b/w & u/s. Time will tell.

This one was kind of long.....Thanks for reading!

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