Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Got drugs?

Plenty, thanks.

I got my Box O Meds yesterday. It's all starting to feel real now. The peeing all over myself, (on a stick, really) the drugs, giving up coffee, weekly acupuncture instead of every other's all so familiar. I'll start my little rituals...the novenas, the prayers, the meditation downloads on my ipod. It all keeps me very busy on a daily basis. Maybe it's to distract myself or maybe it's the OCD presenting itself because all of this is truly out of my control.

I also have an exciting new ritual to add... My sister bought me quite the thoughtful gift for my birthday. A fertility statue! (It is something you are not supposed to buy for yourself. Thanks, K!) It is um...a naked, voluptuous lady. I think I am supposed to rub it or something but I feel dirty and kind of sacrilegious. I'll have to google it and see what's up. Link:Meet Venus of Wilendorf I've actually always wanted one. Well, not always...not when I was like 16....only since we began TTC. I've heard of women who have gotten pregnant after receiving a fertility statue. Maybe it will be my lucky charm. I wonder if I can take her to the OR with me when I have my retrieval?

BTW, C...if you are reading...I copped an extra feel on the fertility goddess for you!

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  1. Love you! Reading and laughing! (but not laughing too heartily. don't want anyone getting jostled in there...)


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