Sunday, March 28, 2010

CD8 and I am sick of rhyming.

I've lost my clever. I left it somewhere around Saugerties this afternoon on the drive back from the city. Too. Damn. Tired. I only slept about 20 min. on the way home thanks to a cup of coffee at breakfast. I did swear off're right but cut me some slack. 4 hours sleep and a girl needs a nip to get through the day.

I have decided not to nap in an effort to get my ass in bed by 8 pm so I can be at Cornell in the am for b/w and u/s. The phone rang just as H and I were about to fall asleep. This is so going to wear me down. Today I don't care, though...I am rockin' some follies! 4-5 on each side and they have just begun to grow from what the RE said. All between 10.5 and 12...very even growth. I even had a few under 10 on each side. Imagine if they catch up! By now I would normally have 1 rogue follie at about 15 and they would have to give me the antagonist (ganirelix) to prevent ovulation. They are however, going to keep me on the same doses again tonight and check me in the am. I have a feeling I am going to be there every day this week....if I make it. My E2 was only at 210...up only 9 from Thursday but they weren't concerned. They thought it was because I had it drawn at a different lab. If they are not worried, I am not worried.

This follie count is very good news for me. I hope they continue to grow,of course. My last cycle I only had 6 eggs retrieved so even if I get 10 it would be an improvement. Here I go speculating all over the place......Dare I say it...I am really excited. As long as this train keeps moving I think I can manage. The good news is that my boss gave us Friday off. 1 less lie to the people at work! That is more exhausting than getting up at 3 am. I was really hoping for a weekend retrieval but it looks like that may not happen since I haven't even taken the antagonist yet. Oh well, slow and steady wins the race. For the 1st time since my loss last year, this is starting to feel we have a really good shot at becoming parents. I'm always one step ahead of myself though and that's when I fall flat on my face. Keep me grounded....ok?

Now for a little *gossip*...... Who was the movie/tv star that H & I saw with a raging case of bedhead at morning monitoring? (Who, BTW, we never would have recognized if we weren't making fun of the homeless chic hairdo. Seriously, Famous Person...a hairbrush or a hat...take your pick!) Ah....I cannot violate fertility patient confidentiality. Plus, I don't need a lawsuit. Hint: It was not Celine...we all know she goes there!

Anyway...signing off. Having an early dinner and catching up on some laundry. Then bed. I'll let you know what happens tomorrow.

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