Wednesday, March 31, 2010

CD 12...ovaries kicking into high gear

Finally! E2 jumped to 626 today from 341 yesterday. I had another follie catch up, too. It looks like there are now 7 follicles with 4-5 that just might catch up. I was afraid this cycle was going to be another catastrophe. Actually, I am too tired to be afraid of anything. Quality over quantity.....repeating this to myself on an hourly basis. I knew something had to be going on because I had sharp pains this afternoon in my ovaries. I actually cried out at one point and someone asked me if I was ok....if they only knew!

The mood swings are really intensifying, too. Mostly I go from anger to weeping. It could be from the lack of sleep I suppose. At least I didn't cry at the rest stop when I had my latest incident. What is it with me and rest stops? Wouldn't you think a 39 yr. old woman would know how to use a toilet? Today I picked the stall with the toilet paper that comes out in tiny pieces. By the time I was through the floor looked like I had cut myself shaving 42 times I left the little pieces of tissue you put on a razor gouge to stop the bleeding all over the place. I was there so long the thing flushed like 4 times. I had problems washing my hands,too. I could't get the sink I was standing directly in front of to work but the one next to me wanted to wash my big ass handbag. My handbag had better luck with the sink sensor than I did. I really hate public bathrooms.

Today was the perfect day for acupuncture......I did have a nice rest but I am so behind on my sleep that it just wasn't enough. My back feels a little better though.

There isn't much else to say today. I am super tired and looking forward to going to bed early again so I can get up at 3 am and head south for blood work and my 6th date with the dildo cam.

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