Sunday, March 21, 2010

CD1...not much fun (a TTMI post)

Wicked cramps + black blood= one miserable Ginger. Seriously, it looks like the stuff coming out of the Zombie's mouths in Zombieland. (Which was a great movie...I hate gore but it was really funny and kind of sweet in parts. H's choice and I was NOT expecting to like it as much as I did.)The blood has returned to it natural rosy state but that 1st gush had me scared. It must be residual biopsy stuff.

One good thing...I am not as bitchy today. More lovey dovey. H likes it. It is the calm before the storm....he knows this. Did I ever tell you he calls me Sour Patch Kid sometimes? Remember the commercials where the SPK cut the girl's pony tail? Or the one where he squeezes the pigeon to poop on the kid? Then he hugs their leg or gives them a bump? That's me to a T! 1st she's sour , then she's sweet......At least I apologize if I am mean. Some people don't.

No more crying wolf, people. This is it! I need to have CD2 b/w & u/s at my local clinic tomorrow. (I am stressing about this already, BTW. ) I left a message on their monitoring line at 8:04 AM and I still haven't received a call back. I hope they can squeeze me in tomorrow. Otherwise, I am screwed. I did speak to the girl at the desk on Friday, who I know quite well as I have been a "patient" there for 2 years (this April) and she told me she checks the line at 7 AM. I am hoping she will call me Monday AM before I leave for work. If I do not get a call, I will simply have to show up there and be pushy. I don't think they will turn me away since I do have a relationship with them and they want my money. H told me not to worry so if anything happens I will blame him. Kidding! I will have him call and yell, though. It should, however, not reach that level.

Strike all that...they just called! The only thing I could get was a 9:40. Instead of dealing with horrendous am traffic, I will just have to deal with a bitchy boss and co-workers. Remember when you thought being a grownup would be so much easier than being a kid..... F that!

No shots tonight. Yes, I called the clinic to ask....Flo was supposed to be here yesterday so I thought I needed to take another shot tonight but I was wrong. Plus, she showed 15 min. after I stuck today's' patch on me and I didn't know if I should still be accessorizing my tummy with it. (Estrogen patches: are they the new belly ring?)

Oh! I didn't write yesterday so you missed out on all that drama. My patch fell off! It started peeling around the edges Friday night in the shower. I should have never put the patch on my ass since the 1st patch on my stomach worked so well. There is far too much junk in my trunk for that to work. I think the problem lies in the fact that my ass takes on a life of it's own whenever I do cardio. Or it might be from having my back to the shower head. That got me thinking, you shower with your face towards the shower head or away? I don't like water in my face so I always shower with my back to the shower head. Anyway, I also called a nurse yesterday regarding my ass fat/patch issue (she laughed). They had me put on a new patch then and start another new patch today. Thank God there are 4 in a package instead of 3. A bakers trio for Schleprocks (scroll to the bottom) like me.

Life has just gotten a lot more complex! Stay tuned.......

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