Thursday, March 4, 2010

How long am I supposed to hold my pee?!?!?!?

Seriously OPK manufacturers?!? Hold my pee for 4 hours? I have almost pissed myself 3 times this week and it's only Day 4 of "O WATCH".

The directions say to stop drinking 2 hours before the test and stop peeing 4 hours before the test. I DO NOT like being dehydrated. I drink water all the live long day. At least a 1/2 gallon. It's good for the skin and all of the body systems. But to not pee for 4 hours? I am doing the "pee pee dance" as we speak. By the time I am ready to piss on the stick, the force is too much for the poor stick to handle. It does not have a chance. After my 1st altercation on day 1, I decided to start peeing in a cup. (Thank God for Clorox wipes. Amen) At least the cup can withstand the force a little better. Watch: I'll have my 1st ever bladder infection in time for my cc biopsy. OK, I think I have to admit something to you.....a confession......Um, I am doing 2 OPKs a day. 1.) When I 1st wake up and 2.) at 5 pm. In my defense, the directions say the best time is between 2pm and 8 pm but my longest urination free stretch is overnight. I'm just covering all bases. I don't want to miss my surge. (Is that too OC? It is, isn't it?) The good news is, I think I am getting close.

On another more personal note...Look at who I found in the backseat of my car today. H put him there on Monday (Another bday surprise but we do this to each other a lot. I hide things in his briefcase, he hides things on my side of the bed,etc.) but I didn't see this little guy until this morning. H watched me pull out of the driveway and told me to turn around. (I have a backup camera in my car and I am sorry to report that I look at that instead of turning around. No judgement, please!) Now I have someone to keep me company on all of those road trips to NYC that are in my immediate future. H got the idea because this is my favorite commercial. Have you seen this? In the interest of full disclosure, I do not drive a KIA so this is not an endorsement of the product...only an endorsement of the commercial itself. How can you not laugh while watching this? So f-ing clever!

If H & I can't have least we can act like them!

Anyway, I'll let you know when I "O"!

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  1. 1. I peed on them twice a day in my "practice catch the O" session the month before, so I could use the CBE ones the month of the cc. Hows THAT for OC?
    2. I love that commerical. We bought P a monkey-jack-in-the-box toy with the sock monkey--you'll have to bring yours in to play with his
    3. I too am An Overhydrator! Just think--you're almost there and can soon resume your water-indulging.xxoo


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