Monday, March 22, 2010

CD2 ...coming unglued

Sometimes I am my own worst ememy. I got to thinking about my patches this morning. There are 4 in a box and despite the fact that I was only supposed to use 3, my mishap the other day required that I break into my spare. So they're all gone. This morning before Cornell opened, I noticed that 4 patches were written on my sample calendar. I went into panic mode. I left a message for my nurse....I called The fertility pharmacy (Schrafft's...a Walgreens specialty company) and explained what happend and that I could not get in touch with my nurse just yet. It looked like I would need these patches tomorrow! There was no refill on the script (Do they not plan for accidents? Patches fall off all the's an imperfect world.)The poor girl at the pharmacay went into overdrive and got in touch with a nurse (not my nurse) who confirmed I did need the patches. She decided to see if she could get me the patches in a local Walgreens. About 8 or so phone calls such luck. She ended up calling CVS The competition!) and I picked up my script there. Whew! Crisis averted. All was right in the world again ......until I actually heard from my nurse and found out that I do not need any more patches.This is what I get for trying to be proactive.

All this happened in between 1.) me trying to make a dental appt. because I had a crown done 2 weeks ago that still hurts and 2.) getting my day 2 b/w & u/s taken care of. Not to mention the fact that half the calls I took were at work. They hated me there today! Too health comes first. Everybody has days like these. (Maybe not quite)

So the good news is: Cycle # 5 is on!
FSH: 1.1
E2: 319
LH: .8

I will wear this patch until it falls off,and take 300 units of Follistim and 150 units of Menopur unitl Wednesday. Then I'll have another blood draw on Thursday and await further instructions. Easy enough,right? Tell it to my headache.

Off to shoot up!

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