Thursday, March 18, 2010

1st shot of the season

I did my 1st ganirleix shot tonight. With the Antagonist protocol, I have always used ganilrelix after a few days of stims. But this is EPP. I started my estrogen patches and I have 3 days of ganirelix to prevent 1 rebel follicle from taking off and ruining the chance for any of the other follies to catch up. Hence, maybe I'll get more eggs at retrieval... When flo shows, I'll start stims and go back to ganirelix a few days later to slow my ovaries down once they have been ramped up. It feels so familiar and it's odd, but it is almost comforting. I know that I have gotten pregnant before by poking needles into my tummy. (I have a few tiny scars to prove it)I guess I find comfort in the if I do what I am supposed to...there will finally be a baby. That's kind of ridiculous since I always do what I am supposed to....but I am always so hopeful in the beginning.

I am not faring well on the estrogen patches. My moods are a swingin' and I am only on day 2 of the patch. Bitchy is the dominant mood. Everything is irritating me. One of our clients was chewing in my ear over the phone so I asked her if she was eating. When she asked if it was bothering me, I told her....and I quote:" No, we just aren't allowed to eat on the phone because it's unprofessional". Who says stuff like that? A woman taking hormones. She was from NYC so she was unfazed and used to attitude, so I think I am safe. Then I gave the finger to someone while we were out taking a walk because the SOB was driving waaaaaay too fast on the neighborhood streets. Not only did he practically run over my brand new Reebok Easy Tone Sneakers, (in turquoise) but THERE ARE CHILDREN PLAYING AROUND HERE. H said people will start to think that I am the crazy lady in the neighborhood if I keep it up.

Poor H is getting the brunt of my attitude. He deserves it for the most part but maybe not as much as he is getting. No.... he is mostly just witness to my aggravation toward others. He keeps telling me to take it down a notch,though and that makes me madder. I am making him nervous, I think. I have yelled at the TV a few times and my neighbor once (from inside my house, because he was being a dip shit...not in person). H has also done some very childish things, though. Like leaving a clean clothes basket in the bathtub while the tub was wet and taking my 5 lb weight out of my gym and LEAVING IT IN THE FAMILY ROOM so he could do his shoulder exercises on his injured shoulder. The guy can bench press 3 of me but he needs my 5 lbs? And then, there is the little matter of his loud chewing......Here comes the attitude. I better sign off while YOU still like me........

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