Monday, March 29, 2010

CD 9...more poking and prodding

My ovaries still felt pretty tender as I parked my car in the lot of the Northern Westchester Hospital for monitoring this morning. I forgot to mention this yesterday, but having the dildo cam dragged across follicles on steroids (or more precisely FSH and LH) hurts like hell. I think I blocked it out. Until today. When it happened again. And guess what? It is happening tomorrow,too. Back for more vaginal fun and games.......

Somehow, my follie count was off yesterday. Despite the 2 different locations, the same Dr. did my scans. Yesterday, I was under the impression I was growing about 10 but today it looked like 6 with 4-6 smaller ones that have some potential. Still 10 but I thought they were closer in size. That makes more sense though since E2 was only at 314 today. I did take my Ganirelix shot since the biggest follies are at 12-13. We don't want me ovulating on my own now, do we? Defeats the purpose and wastes about $14K!

H has an important meeting tomorrow so Mom and Dad are coming along for some company. 3 hours each way is a long day by yourself. Besides, I have a killer backache. It's getting tough to drag these huge ovaries around while performing my daily tasks. Even though I am sleep deprived and busy with my road trips I still refuse to let my house get too dirty. My poor back is paying for it.

More updates tomorrow.

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  1. I hope the next time you go to kisco you use the valet...or maybe you get there so early it isn't open :(. But it's free. And saves a mile walk to the front door. And I think the machines in NYC are better than Kisco. So does that make the GREATER number of folls the right answer, or the LESSER number? hang in there babe. You are in the home stretch. Your own personal groundhog's day is about to come to an end...xo


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