Tuesday, March 30, 2010

CD 10 ....losing steam

Is it really only Tuesday? It feels like Friday. I just want to blow off work this week and sit on the couch with my friend, C and watch trashy TV. I may take you up on that if I don't trigger soon, C!

Today was the worst possible day to have to drive into Manhattan. Flooding would be an understatement. I'm thinking about building an arc. My poor father nearly wrecked his brand new Accord on the FDR. Thank God for my parents. They accompanied me today since H had meetings at work and I was actually able to sleep for 2 hours in the backseat. It was heavenly. Thanks M & D...love you both. That nap should help keep me going. I hope I make it.

I did learn some new words from my parents today that I thought I might share:

Frankenpine-that's a cell tower shaped like a pine tree in an effort to fool people into thinking they are not living near a cancer tower. I have honestly never seen one of these.... Where have I been? Call me a fool because even after they pointed it out it took a minute for me to realize it was fake.

Snizzling- Light rain...the precipitation formerly known as "drizzling".

They entertained me and took care of me today. I so needed it.

Mad props to my Mom for reminding me that my E2 seems to be rising slowly because it IS BEING CHECKED EVERY DAY. That has never happened at any other clinic....it's usually every 2 or 3 days. She has come a long way since asking me how my IBF was going. Yup....1 letter away from striking me with another bowel disease.

E2 is still only at 341, though. How the hell is that possible? Still only 6 follies and 4 that are trying really hard to catch up. The RE I saw today thought I would probably trigger on Thursday night. Hopefully, I have a growth spurt between now and then. I am so ready. Let's hope this is all worth it.

Back tomorrow for more monitoring. At least I have acupuncture tomorrow. It is going to be one heck of a long day but it should help me. I'll try to check in tomorrow.....

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