Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Transfer day....breathing a sigh of relief

The news was not as bleak as we had feared.....Many of you are probably saying "I told you so" right now but remember that I am a hormonal mess.....

Only 3 out of the 4 of the embies made it to transfer day. That was honestly more than we expected and we are completely relieved and dare I say...thrilled. The RE and Embryologist called my embabies beautiful!

Wanna see?

I feel so proud. We have 1 11 cell, 1 8 cell and 1 6 cell living inside of me right now! I'm feeling a little cramping from the procedure and it's completely irrational but I like to think that cramping is my babies settling in and saying hello. FWIW, I have never had an 11 cell embie on any day 3 transfer in the past.....I've never had more than an 8. It still doesn't guarantee results but for now, my mind is at rest.

There were a few signs along the way today or what I thought were signs....because that's how I am!

I rode up in the elevator with a girl named Hope.

Another girl I met was a Labor and Delivery nurse at Mt. Sinai....a place I know all too well (thanks to Crohn's.)

When we were leaving the hospital, a very pregnant woman showed up in an ambulance ready to deliver...everyone, whether waiting for taxis or the valet stood around watching and you could just feel the happy vibes. No one was annoyed that they couldn't get their car or that the taxis could not get through. It was comforting to be a part of that at that moment.....not sure if it makes sense to you all but I was surrounded by pregnant women all day and did not feel a pang of jealousy.

We watched an rerun of Friends (still one of my fave shows. I am so ready for a reunion!)when we got home and guess what episode was on? "The One with Phoebe's Uterus". Ha! She got pregnant with triplets with fertility treatments. Granted, she was a surrogate and can I say the timing of the whole thing was completely inaccurate (well, it is a sitcom) but I am carrying 3 embryos around with me.....

I am not sure how I feel about this but the movie "Half a Dozen Babies" was on last night,too........

Sure this could all be coincidence but as I've said before....whatever gets you through the day!

Still feeling the effects of the HCG shot and progesterone at this point. I got up to pee 5 times last night and my boobs feel bruised. I am also very emotional as you might be able to tell if you read my last few posts. (Sorry about that....)

Well, thanks for reading....I will write soon!

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