Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Blogging from somewhere around 8dp 3dt?

Trying not to count the days I have left. I've been too tired to blog lately. The last thing I want to do at night is log onto my computer and type away when I do it all day at work. (Technically, my work day is only 5 hrs. but that is about all I can handle these days. No fun shopping trips after work or manicures or pedicures. I definitely need a good eyebrow wax, too.)

Hoping the fatigue is a good sign....but you just never know. Fatigue is also a sure sign that Flo is in the house (or the uterus.)

But today, I feel pregnant.......I've had lots of heartburn and reflux which is not something that ever happens to me. I feel feverish and have had a few hot flashes but I have had chills at times. I also had pretty bad cramps and gas pains and that was something that happened when I was pregnant this time last year. While I was not a blogger back then, I did keep very detailed records (day by day) in a journal. I have been obsessively comparing notes and all signs are pointing to a happy outcome.

So, for now, I am living life in a happy place filled with miracles and possibilities.

Bottom line is: It's all a guessing big mind fuck. No way to know for sure without a blood test and that's not happenin' until Monday. Grrrrr.

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