Monday, April 19, 2010

How to make a shitty situation even worse or "Bloodwork Lost"

Are you fucking kidding me? I got a message that was left at 4:27 stating that Cornell (The Land of the Lost) never received my blood work from 8:30 this morning when I had it done. I gave them the lab's phone number but it is something I ended up checking on myself. FYI: The lab said they sent it. I left a bitchy message for my sweet nurse (but call me 45 min. before all businesses close for the day and you couldn't have called the lab yourself? And they have called me every single time I have had b/w done out of town to say they never received it only to have it miraculously turn up a little while later).

I know the result so that's not the point. Don't they know what they are putting me through? I could barely bring myself to listen to the message that was left...yes...all by myself... because H is gone again like he has been for this whole cycle. I went through this whole thing BY MYSELF. Yup, I am pissed. All because remodeling that fucking rental property and making money means so much to him. He barely got any rest during the cycle. Neither did I thanks to driving to Cornell every day that last week but I am not the one with the shitty sperm. He can't afford not to pull out all the stops but he chose something else that was more important to him. When I want something, I focus on it and make sure I am doing everything possible to help my outcome. H just swims in circles like his sperm.

This is a very nasty and mean post and you will probably lose a ton of respect for me today. Don't worry about H, though. He doesn't read my blog anyway.


  1. honey.....

    I still have more respect for you than you'll ever know. I'm so sorry this shit happened today. It was exactly what you were afraid of and predicted.

    I know you feel alone...but I swear you're not.

  2. I haven't lost any respect for you, honey. You're hurt and lost. Like pp said, you are not alone. Email me any time (((hugs))).


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