Saturday, April 3, 2010

CD 14....pre op

Posting this a day late but just wanted to document in case we do this again (Please God let us have our baby so this will be the last time!)

Left home at 3:30am. Arrived in NYC at 6:38....yup, 8 minutes late for pre op. Found out follie count jumped to 10-12 from only 6 the day before. Yay!

Thanks to my friend C, we stayed in a very clean and comfortable hotel not far from the city. Thank you for the recommendation, C and for inviting us into your lovely home. You guys are the cutest family ever!

My expanding ovaries caught up with me somewhere around 3 pm on CD14. I blew up even more (if that is possible.) I should have never gone for a walk but it was such a warm spring day and I was craving fresh air. Good thing I was wearing last year's larger size pants from when I was pg. I have to remember to do a better job of staying off my feet after the trigger shot. I am not one to sit still so it is way too difficult but I suppose it's necessary. I felt a little better after a 3 hr. nap and a hot shower.

At least I still had my sense of a matter of fact, everything seemed so funny to me. I got to watch Wife Swap while H went to the hotel workout room (this show is not on my regular rotation but no Bravo, E, Family channel or Soap network so that was my compromise). That was cracking me up but I had a fit of hysterical laughter at bedtime (around 10:30) H was excited to finally get the remote control (as I was closing my eyes) where he stopped on CNBC and said" Here we go!" all excited like. I opened my eyes in case it was something interesting and all I saw was a man with a long white beard and glasses in what looked like a nun's habit. I started laughing and I couldn't stop. The man was Ecumenical Patriarch Bartholomew...someone I never heard of but for some reason I was hysterical about the fact that my H was interested in him. It turns out he was just looking for the stock quotes but he started laughing because I was laughing and we didn't calm down for about 30 minutes. Must have been a release of all of the tension from the past week. We felt like ourselves for a brief moment...before we knew we had issues, before the IVF stuff. I'll probably always remember that somewhat fondly whatever the outcome.

Thanks for reading!

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  1. we loved having you. when you come down for your ultrasounds (please let this be the last time so you never have to reference your "documentation" again...) come again.

    Also...watched the start of the same Wife Swap. The psycho lady with the real/fake babies? Fig. that could be me if IVF never works again :). I usually never watch that either...Sadly, I never saw it all play out.

    G-Luck with the rest of this week...and the two weeks after. thinking of you always....xxoo


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