Monday, February 8, 2010

Vacation all I ever wanted .....

Well, not quite. Read on.....

I just found out this weekend that we booked our "G" family vacation! I have not been on vacation with my parents and sisters since I was a teenager. There is evidence out there in the form of a photo of yours truly with big frizzy permed hair and a beach bunny t-shirt in Wildwood from about 23 years ago. Jersey Shore y'all!

May 23rd will mark my parent's 40th anniversary and it was something that they really wanted. For the entire family to go on vacation together. The guest list: K, her H and their 2 kids(ages 5 and 2)E and her BF, me and H and my parents.

All I can think about is if this IVF cycle works out...I wil be 3 months pregnant! Of course that's all I can think about. Forget the fact that I haven't been on a warm beachy vaca since my honeymoon (Maine and Orlando don't count) or the fact that it will be nice to spend time with my family. Everytime I start a cycle I calculate my approximate due date right away. If I have future plans (a wedding, a party, a vacation,etc.)I try to figure out how far along I will be. It's sad that I can't just be happy for the chance to get away, that I am already worrying about what my state of mind will be like. Will I be sad to watch my little sister (by 10 years) play with her little ones on the beach, knowing I will never have kids of my own to play with on the beach? Or will I just be finishing up my 1st trimester? If this cycle does work, I may be fat and I probably won't want to wear a bathing suit but I would rather be pregnant than look good in my bathing suit.

For now, I am really excited. Looking forward to the relaxation and the laughs. Something wacky always happens when we're together (think the Griswolds at their best- lol!)Sing it with me "Holiday rooooooooad, holiday roooooad."

Thanks for reading!

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  1. I think the same thing when planning vacations. It's so hard not to plan ahead when cycling. I hope you get your sticky bfp, and are lounging on a warm beach in your bathing suit 3 mos pg :-)

    Lol at the Griswold shout out!


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