Sunday, February 21, 2010

2 hours, 35 minutes and 22 seconds

That is exactly how long it took for Flo to arrive after my acupuncture appointment. She finally showed up at 3:45 yesterday afternoon (About 2 hours before we were scheduled to leave for dinner out with friends. As always, Flo has impeccable timing.) Thankfully, she made a relatively quiet entrance. I didn't even realize she was there....sneaky bitch. No cramps, no pains, no freak outs, etc. Even the bloat was diminished. My jeans actually fit tonight and my underpants did not leave semi- permanent indentations on my hips or thighs.

I know acupuncture works but that was fast! Miracle workers, I tell ya. Too bad they can't get my eggs or H's sperm in better working order.

So, my next step is to call Cornell. They don't need day 2 blood work according to Dr.D since I have given them sufficient data from all of my past cycles. When he called me (in person!) last Saturday, he told me that he has enough history on me to work with. So, I will wait until tomorrow when they are actually open for business to give them the heads up. The nurses are only going to tell me to "call them when I get my surge", anyway but I need to get my IVF nurse to actually call me back and discuss my meds and have her order them. I can't do anything without my drugs, man. After I ovulate, I will start my estrogen patches and have my endo biopsy for co- culture. I'll probably be stimming about 4 weeks from now.

Bring on the crazy!

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  1. Bring it on! Too bad we won't even overlap by a bit...but I'm glad to hear you're on your way to culturin' and then stimmin'. Here's hoping Dr D works miracles for us BOTH!!!


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