Friday, February 5, 2010

Sick and tired :(

I am home sick again so I thought I would do a quick post. This is my 3rd cold since the week after Thanksgiving. I am on a drug for the Crohn's disease that weakens my immune system so I catch everything and it takes me longer than the average person to get over stuff. It drives me batty when people come to work sick and cough and sneeze all over me. Let me just tell you that I work in a union position and we get plenty of sick time(the newest employee gets 2 days per month, ok?) I like to hoarde my time off as much as the next person-hopefully, I will need it for maternity leave sometime soon...but I am also respectful of people around me. Believe me, there's not enough work there to worry about not getting it done. There tends to be a lack of a sense of urgency in a union environment anyway. Bottom line: stay home if you are sick!!!!!!! Rant over but I'm still pissed.

My point of this post before I went off on a tangent: maybe it's a good thing I didn't start my cycle this month. See? I am always looking for the positive side, even if it takes me 1/2 a light year to get there! The REs will tell you that having a cold has nothing to do with your cycle....lots of women get pg when they are sick but I don't think being "run down" would help. Especially in my situation where I have so much working against me already. Plus, the amount of stressing I would do worrying about being sick while cycling would probably have a negative impact. So, I am going to rest up and get well for my big day next month!

Off to rub Crisco on my bright red nose. I wonder if that will raise my cholesterol?

Thanks for reading-I'll talk to you soon!

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