Saturday, February 20, 2010

Flo update

Still not here. Still not pregnant. I'm going to acupuncture to see if they can "move the blood". Hopefully, they can help me as I am miserable. Not kidding. Ask my H. I am bloated, exhausted, completely broken out and my skin feels too tight for my body. Growing up, my Mom used to warn us when she had PMS and I had to do that yesterday. This is 1 wicked case,people. I'm also moping around the house telling H that "I have the menopause". Luckily, he laughs at this. I seem to remember my Mom telling us that she was in menopause 12 years or so before it actually happened (12 looooong years. Love you, Mommy!) so I think I actually have a few years before "The change". Just another sign that Flo is imminent....irrational behavior!

***Tip for the IVFers*** The good news is, it is very common for a woman to have a late period the cycle after their HSG and the next cycle can actually be very fertile from what I understand.

So, I am off to acupuncture. I love C and A, my Acupuncturists. (I have a team of Acupuncturists...jealous?) They strike the perfect balance of indulging my crazy and calming me down. I can't wait to lie on the heated table, get poked with needles and pass out. Hopefully, Flo will come visit me and I can move on with this cycle! I'll let you all know when she arrives.

As always, thanks for reading!

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