Thursday, February 11, 2010 mocks me

What happens when you put 1 "Adoption for Dummies' book, and a "Yoga for Fertility" DVD into your wish list and when you buy a copy of "Making Babies" (A book about using acupuncture and natural methods to fight infertility and help with IVF in case you haven't heard of it yet. If you haven't you should get it-it's all the rage!)

Well, when you open your recommendations page, you find a slew of books with titles like:

"How to Live Child Free"

"Look on the Green Side: No Diapers, Smaller Landfills"

"How to Accept the Fact That No One is Going to Visit You in the Nursing Home"

And let's not forget "Oh, the Places You Will Go When You Don't Have to Take a Toddler".

Ok, some of those are not real books (c'mon you knew that!)

Do they know something I don't? Did the women who purchase the books/dvds/cds that I have eventually go on to stock up on the "living CF (child free) category" titles? Or is this the universe/God/the stars trying to tell me not to try IVF for the 5th time? Is Amazon just that f-ing clever that they know what you need before you do?

All I wanted to do was get an inspirational, lighthearted, maybe even funny book to read during my next cycle to take my mind off of things. (BTW,I warned you that I will be getting crazy. I question everything and I look for signs that aren't necessarily there.....)

Next time, I think I'll go to the bookstore!

Thanks for listening!

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