Monday, November 1, 2010

CD2...positivity fading

This is not going to be a very intersting post, people. I am fading as fast as my positive attitude.

The day started out pretty positive. As positive as it can when you are awake most of the night due to your husband's snoring and not wanting to sleep through the 3 am alarm. When I woke up, Father of the Bride II was on. I turned on the TV at 3am and this movie with 2 pregnant of them in her 40s (!!!)was playing. I, of course, took it as a sign this might be my lucky cycle....

As the day wore on, my feelings changed. I already had a full day by 12 noon.

My nurse was on vaca last week(good for her, she works hard and totally deserves it)so another nurse gave me the instructions for this cycle. It seems like she started my E2 patches a day later than last time but I figured she knew what she was doing. I got my period after only taking 2 patches instead of 3 so my E2 was pretty low today...only 174 as opposed to 319 last cycle. My FSH was only 1.2 - it was 1.1 the last time...that's fine. My AFC seemed really low and that's what concerns me. Dr. D (yay...he did my u/s today!) said he saw a few under 10 on each side and he said that was good. When the nurse called, she said it was 2-4 on each side. Those aren't very strong #s. That's about 1/2 of what it was my 1st 2 cycles nearly 3 years ago. *sigh* My poor old eggs. Hopefully, I can grow a few more's still early, I suppose.

We went over the instructions for this EPP/Microdose flare protocol...she wrote them down for me and I was well on my way to memorizing the plan. Well, she called my cell phone around 4 to apologize for giving me the wrong protocol and then, she gave me the proper instructions. Not the all. Thank God the mistake was caught but this could have been really bad.

I also missed my therapy appt. It was at 3 pm and I was trying to catch up on my sleep. I forgot all about it. I got a nasty message saying we could talk over the phone because I am going to be charged for the session regardless,unfortunately. I've never missed an appt. before. I'm annoyed and a bit embarrassed.

So, maybe it's the sleep deprivation or the hormones...maybe I am just overwhelmed and feeling my age. I don't know but I am not the optimist I promised myself I would be this time around.

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  1. okay three things I'm going to say about this post and today:

    1.) your substitute nurse may not count the same number of follies as your RE because she may be looking at sizes not quantity.

    2.) tell your therapist to go eff themselves. That's just rude and s/he of all people should know the schedule (and stress level) you are maintaining right now. It's called compassion. Find some.

    3.) you shouldn't reflect on your age, your follicles, or anything else when you've travelled 300 miles in a day on no sleep. Give yourself a break woman!



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