Sunday, October 31, 2010

Flo tricked me...Cycle #6 begins on the day I preferred it didn't

I shouldn't be surprised....

When you are involved in any sort of advanced reproductive technology, Sunday is a very bad day for Flo to show. No one is around on a Sunday. Definitely not at the smaller local clinics but even in the large clinics, they run on a skeleton crew after morning monitoring is over and you cannot get anyone on the phone unless you use the answering service.

Cornell does not have a monitoring message mailbox, so you have to call the answering service and speak to a person who knows nothing about ART and you have to try to explain why you are calling. It really is like giving them a lesson, sometimes. Here is a sample of one side of a conversation I had around 3pm: "I am calling because I got my period. Yes, today...soooooooo..I am calling to tell you I will be there tomorrow for b/w & u/s. Ummm...between 7 and 9. No, there's more. I also need to know if I need to take my last shot...yes...that IS a medication question. Ok, yes...have someone call me back."

Ugh. About 30 min. later the nurse called. I was brief...she was brief. Final result: I take my last Ganirelix...leave my current Climara patch on even though I should be changing it tomorrow and I'll be on the road by 4am. I was really not expecting to have to drive to NYC on a Monday morning. So, I am getting my things together and my outfit ready and then heading to bed. What a lame ass Halloween!

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