Monday, September 5, 2011

Trigger happy

...sooooooo freaking happy! I feel so big this time around...and sore. It probably didn't help that I haven't been doing my ab workouts and that I was carrying around a 20 lb. baby all weekend. (My nephew..... I'm hoping some of his babyness rubbed off on me, at least)

Today was a low key kind of day and we needed it to recover from the busy weekend. After my monitoring appt. I did a little shopping (new comfy pants for the ER...yes I am that girl that plans outfits for all of life's events)and stopped by to visit my sis and check out her new bathroom remodel. Lovely! I played with her (sort of) step daughter for a while and headed home around 11. H was waiting impatiently for me so we could just spend a quiet day together. He wasn't as happy as me that today is trigger day.....I think he was hoping for some action but A.) last night's action hurt my ovaries and B.)he has to save the sperm!

My E2 is a little on the high side for the 9 follicles they are counting so far.....the sizes range from 12-22 mm and there are a few more under 12. So, they thought I might get anywhere from 9-12 eggs. I'm a little worried about that 22. I think Cornell usually triggers when the lead is around 18-20, if I remember correctly.

I'm taking my shot at 8pm. That means my retrieval will be at 8 am on Wednesday. I'm assuming they'll do a 3 day transfer. Fine by me....that would mean Saturday. I'd rather not have to explain another day off to the nosy types at work.

It's going to be so strange to be so close to home after the procedures. I'm used to a 3 hour car ride back home before I can get into my bed with my heating pad. I'll probably miss our little rituals....same hotel...same place for lunch and a walk around the city, same chicken sandwich with avocado and the special southwestern sauce,spinach salad and Terra chips purchased at the market near the hotel. Come to think of it, I'm almost out of that sandwich sauce...

I am feeling kind of detached from this cycle. It's almost like it's an out of body experience (Well, except for the tight pants and huge gut) Maybe it's because I was barely monitored or that I didn't have to be up at 3am to drive to NYC every day. Maybe I'm protecting myself. Or maybe I'm just ready to face whatever happens come what may.

See you on retrieval day! Unless something happens between now and then that is worth noting ;)

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