Sunday, January 24, 2010

Date night!

MH surprised me last night by taking me out on a date. We went to dinner and to a jazz bar for drinks afterwards. Just like the old days....except we got home much earlier. lol! We used to go out all the time before all of this IF stuff reared it's ugly head. Now it's usually take out and a DVD.

Why am I talking about my hot date (and it was hot, thanks for asking!) on my IVF blog? Oh, IVF and infertile thoughts touch every area of your life. MH's mom sent us letters thanking us for our Christmas gifts and she said that we work too hard and don't play hard enough. She's so right. I think it scared MH a little when she pointed it out.

We are both a little depressed about what we've been through. The fun stuff isn't so fun any more. Even going to Disney over Christmas break did not manage to cheer us up. It was actually kind of tortuous to see all of the happy families. We practically live like we have kids,anyway. We are not tied down at all...there's no need to get a babysitter or to try to find a family friendly restaurant. If we want to go to a 10 o'clock movie we can do it. (Honestly, we can't stay up that late but you get what I'm saying!) We have no excuse for not doing a little living. But right now, we are not. We do need to enjoy each other more. (We really did until we found out about all of our IF problems.) It's certainly not going to cure us but I want us to get back to happy.....even if we can't have a child.
Oh, and you are not going to get any more detailed information about date don't ask.

Thanks for reading!

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