Thursday, October 28, 2010

$37.00 stickers

That's what I am wearing today. Patch #1 is in place. I change them every other day until my period. $37.00 per patch....I had to buy at least 4 of them. How I wish they let me have the generics like last time. I think I paid $45. for a box of 4. Hopefully, they don't come off in the shower this time...or give me a wicked rash again.

Tomorrow, I start my ganirelix shots...1 per day until my period. In a perfect world, I would get Flo Sat. and have to be in the city Sunday but I'm not that lucky. And....I'm not sure that would give me enough days on the estrogen. Whatever happens is fine...I'll deal with it. I just want my body to make me a baby!

I guess my baseline appointment will be Monday or Tuesday. This time they are making me go to the NYC office. No messing around with the satellite offices. I guess they want to watch me closely.

Could it be that the estrogen is already making me bitchy? After a mere 12 hours stuck to my lower tummy? I have been a little short with H. Poor man. He's had it so good since I started the Prozac. I should warn him not to let his guard down just in case......

I'll be sure to let you know what happens :)

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