Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Lap recap

I had my f/u with the Surgeon who performed my lap yesterday. It was a very interesting meeting indeed. My bladder is fine...I guess he had to move it out of the way to get to the endo that was buried underneath it. (I am so delicate that I got a little bruised. Ha!) He also shed some light on what endo can mean. I have never even researched it because it was never ever mentioned to me before I met RE #4.

I'm still in a state of shock about the endometriosis. I mean, how can 3 clinics (2 of them considered to be top in their field) let me do IVF 6 times without checking for this? I have complained about the same pain on my left side for years...to my GYN....to all of the REs I have seen...even to my Gastro (I have let him off the hook as his area of expertise is not my lady parts)and no one even thought to test for it. They all just like to blame everything on my old age. FWIW, I was only 37 when this all started....not old at all. If my FSH was high I could see how they would avoid doing the "crappy lappy" (as I have taken to calling it)but wasn't it worth investigating before I turned 40 and spent thousands on 6 IVFs? 6IVFs. That is a lot of IVFs.

The RE did tell me that there are conflicting reports about the affects of endo on on an IVF cycle. He believes that endo can destroy egg quality. He explained that there are chemicals that the endo gives off that can affect the quality of an otherwise healthy egg. In his practice, he has seen women get pregnant after even mild cases of endo being removed.

Maybe this is all I needed. I mean, we have a lot of other stuff going on but H is doing fabulous on the Clomid, HCG shots and the Chinese herbs. He feels 10 years younger and he cannot wait to have another SA. Is it possible I may still have a few good eggs left? I think in light of this news we may actually try 1 more time with my eggs before moving onto DE. It has increased our chances by about 10 % which makes it about a 20% shot. Better than we had in the past....Maybe the timing is finally right, maybe it's finally time for our baby to come to us.


  1. I can't even imagine having gone through 6 IVFs only to find out that you have endo - and none of them thought to check for it!!! I would be pretty darn mad actually and I would write a very pointed letter to those other REs and let them know how unhappy I was (but that is just me.)
    I truly hope that this allows you to finally get pregnant and have a healthy pregnancy and ultimately a healthy baby!

  2. I find this all very interesting. I have never had a lap either to check for ENdo, and my old RE refuses to do it b/c he says there is no impact on IVF from Endo. I don't think I want to do our last IVF until we rule it out, just to be safe.

    Glad you are feeling optimistic hun!


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