Monday, July 4, 2011

Getting on my soapbox...

about acupuncture.

After our last cycle in Nov, H & I gave up for a while. We tested out living child free (no cycling,barely any talk of cycling and no appts. with REs) and we really don't like it. I even stopped going to acupuncture despite the fact that it helped with so many of my other health concerns. Driving to the Acupuncture office and laying on that table just felt too overwhelming to me.

My body, mind and spirit really started to suffer without my bi-weekly sessions,though. I had stomach issues and tense shoulders, sore joints and plenty of anxiety. Perhaps the most troubling thing to happen was the fact that my monthly period stopped it's clockwork regularity and started showing up on day 25 or 26 instead of day 28 at exactly 9:45 am. I kept thinking I had menopause until I realized that it could be a side effect from the Clomid I took for one month. (No judgement. H asked the Dr. for a little help while we saved for DE) at our WTF and Clomid was his response. I quit after 1 month because it made me feel awful and I was a bitch on wheels.

So, I found a new Acupuncturist close to home and after 3 short weeks....I am feeling much better all over and :::drumroll please::: Flo showed up today on Day 28! It was 11 am instead of 9:45 but I'll take it. My period is fixed! H is so impressed he has finally agreed to visit and let them have a crack at his sperm issues. Now, let's see if this gets me KU! :::baby steps::: for baby :)

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  1. Stories like yours give help give me strength when I'm not feeling so strong. Happy to have found your blog.
    Yay for an on point cycle!
    looking forward to reading your journey!
    Sending over lots of positive thoughts...
    Maria :)


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